*bobbing intensifies*

Why did you come here wearing pants? Your lovely cock is so constrained in them. How about you let the big guy out and I can have some fun with it :3

mmm I love how it throbs as I lick it, my wet tongue up and down your shaft. Giving your balls a little rub, I can tell they’re filled with your creamy goodness! My succulent lips kissing your tip, what a lovely cock you have! I wrap my mouth around it, sucking on it ever so gently as I taste the first bit of precum leaking out! Leaning over, I start taking in more and more of your cock inside my little mouth! Sucking on your smooth shaft, my tongue wrapped around it. Hehe your cock tastes great! But how about your big load?

Bobbing my head back and forth, I start to suck you off faster. My moans muffled by your huge meat stick between my lips! Fondling your balls as you get even harder! Without warning I take you in all the way to the back of my throat! Hungrily sucking your slice of heaven as my mouth is totally filled! Your balls against my lips as you leak more precum into my belly! Bobbing my head back and forth as fast and deep as I can, every time I deepthroat feels better than the last! Release that big creamy load for me! Fire it deep into my tummy as I my mouth sucks you off just like this! Thrust it as deep as you can and blow my mind with a sweet cum explosion!

Please…give your submissive pet her milk ♡


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