cute stuff to think about:


  • Athena giving Janey self defence lessons because her girlfriend is a gentle puppy who sees way too much good in people 
  • Janey telling Athena to use her inside voice when she gets angry
  • Athena wearing the “If found, return to Janey Springs” shirt, and Janey wearing the “I am Janey Springs” shirt
  • Janey sitting on Athena’s back while she does pushups  
  • Athena searching through a list of pet-names because Atlas never taught her about terms of endearment, and she wants to find the perfect ones for Janey 
  • Janey catching Athena trying on her headband
  • Athena listening patiently while Janey gushes about mechanics and how things work because wow her girlfriend looks cute when she’s excited
  • Janey leaving 101 “For when…” recordings on Athena’s echo, including: “…you can’t sleep”, “…you’ve had a bad day”, “…you’re coming home”, “…we’re fighting”, and “…you’re horny as fuck”
  • Athena trying not to laugh while teaching Janey how to throw punches
  • Janey feeling safer curled under Athena’s left arm and not knowing why till Athena points out that its her shield arm 

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