Source: (Pixiv ID: 6725789)

Requested by @emmapokelily give this wonderful lady some attention!

You want me to what? All the way through? No, I’m down, but it’s… tricky to do right. Okay, which way do you want me to go? Out the mouth? Okay, well, we’ll need to prepare your ass, gonna need a lot of lube and you’ll need to stretch alot. Honestly, you’re gonna want to be able to relax everything more than you ever have before. Mm, you feel good love. Okay, you ready to start? I’m gonna put it in now. Urrg, your ass feels super good love, I hope I can last all the way through. I’m in about six inches now. After this is gonna be a new sensation, tell me it anything feels uncomfortable, okay?  I gotta go slow, it’s not a straight line through you. You okay? Here, let me hold you while you adjust. Hehe, you’re really hot today, you know that? I wanna touch you all over babe. You think you can handle more stimulation? I wanna be inside your twat too. It might help to have something else to focus on for the next part anyway. Alright, I’m through to your stomach now, Let me catch my breath and we can keep going. No I’m fine, I just almost came like a dozen times making my way through there. How about you, feel good? I’m happy to hear that~<3 Okay, next part is the really tricky part. You’ll have to relax and breath through your nose, okay? Here, grab my tentacles with your hands. If you need me to stop just start squeezing, okay? Here we go love, I cannot possibly go any deeper inside you than what I’m about to do! Oh gods, your eyes right now! Can you breath? Squeeze twice for yes, once for no. Magnificent, I’m gonna make you come so fucking hard now… damn it’ll feel good you clamping down all over me when you do. Hey, can you swirl your tongue around some? Oh shit, just like that babe! I’m getting close love! Shit, sorry, you okay? Oh, you were close? Hmm, maybe I should make you hold out longer then. Psyche! come your fucking brains out lady! Yes, yes, yes, YES! Oh fuck you feel good, I’m coming too! Holy fuck, I’m coming so hard! *pant* *pant* so, how was it? You could feel my come pulsing through my tentacle? Oh wow… I’m guessing you enjoyed yourself? You’d have left bruises if you’d come any harder babe. Dang, there’s come everywhere. You wanna go take a bath and relax? I’ll wash you all over, just like you like~~


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