Another yuri, for one girl in particular~
As soon as my parents left for work I invited you over. I want to spend the whole day in bed together, and I dont want to hear our moans. Id suckle on your huge boobs to taste ur lovely titty milk. Id kiss you with a burning passion as our boobs squeeze together. Mmm but I want to scissor you today…
I feel you hold my leg as our pussies grind against each other. I’m getting so wet and horny as we scissor, our legs a tangled mess.
‘Aaaa yesss. Fuck my pussy; your grinding right on my clit! Faster, faster; im so close baby!’
Our pussies become soaked as we continue, screaming obsene words at each other in pure delight. Unable to take it anymore, my body shudders as I start squirting all over you! Hearing and feeling me cum is too much for you to resist: squirt with me too! Make me your yuri lover!

Mmmmmm yes! I accept your proposal! Grinding my pussy against yours, I feel you gush your sweet juices all over me as I squirt my own juices all over you. Aaaahhhhh! So good! I reach over and clasp your hand in mine, smiling ‘You’re so beautiful when you cum!

I repeat: Intensely


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