I squealed in pleasure as @goddesserotica sucked on my clit, her tongue licking the insides of my pussy. My sexual fantasy was to have her eat me, but I didn’t expect her to be so possessive of my tight, teen body! I squrimed as waves of pleasure coursed through my body, my butt squeezed as she held me nice and close. I told her to slow down; I was going wild in ecstasy! But she never relented eating me out, and I enjoyed every second of it. My lovers face between my legs, the feel of her lips and tongue against my sensitive areas, my pussy soaking wet. ‘Please love; suck my clit, get your tongue deep inside me and make me cum! ’
Moaning and trembling, a powerful orgasm shook my body as I came into her mouth. Sucking and licking, she continued to give me oral pleasure as my cum was gleefully swallowed. Collapsing on the bed, I looked up at my girlfriend’s face, her lips soaked in my cum.
‘Thank you. ..for making me yours’



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