You went out and got drunk without me last night, didn’t you? How do I know? Well, I can’t fathom how you woke up with a penis unless you and your ex spent the night drinking. Yeah, I know you didn’t do anything with her, I know you better than that. If you did you’d be a blubbering mess right now. I’m not mad, I’m just giving you shit for it. Why do you still have it though? She passed out? Jesus, what did you guys drink?! I’ve seen her drink people under the table, wait for them to come to, and do it all over again! Ether shine? You realize what that’s gonna do to your new found organ, right? Good thing your on vacation this week. Well, it’d be a shame to let it go to waste, right? It’s super cute, I’ve never seen a penis look so feminine. I see she made you circumcised this time. Oh, I wonder if the spot on the underside is sensitive then? Ohhhh, sounds like it iiiiss~~~<3 I’m getting horny just looking at it. It’d feel super good if I rolled over and slid down on it, right? Too bad, not gonna happen. I’m not on birth control, you know, cause I’m dating someone who usually doesn’t have a penis? And If I know your friend, she went all out. This thing would definitely get me pregnant. Hell it might make me grow dick hands or something. Uh-uh, no, hands behind your back! That’s your good headphones wrapping around your wrists, better not pull too hard or they’ll break. Oh, it’s turning red, are you getting close, love? Oh, whoops, I have an itch on my back, hold on a sec~~<3 You must be really pent up, you never whine like that. You didn’t the whole week I was gone? Damn, I almost feel bad now. Ok fine, you can come now. Pull down and rub the underside? Oh, I bet if I press here for a just a second you’ll shoot super hard! Yeah, how’s it feel shooting magic jizz all the way into your own hair lady? Looks like it feels good. Dear goddess, I can feel ether radiating from your come. Yeah, no p in v this week, love. No way a condom would stand up to that stuff. Although, If you lick me good enough I might be encouraged to look into something~~<3


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