Did you really think you’d be safe with clothes on?

All it takes is a couple of strokes and your already ncie and hard! Its too late to take them off, feel my hands wrapped around it, moving up and down! Starting nice and slow to make you moan; nice big strokes along your shaft. As it starts to throb I pick up the pace, going faster and faster! Licking the tip through your pathetic pants, already stained with precum! I eagerly suck on the sticky part poking out as I continue to stroke such a massive cock! Even if you tell me to stop, your cock is mine to play with whenever I want! Sucking your ‘pocket rocket’ is what I desire! Lets see it take off 😉

Cum as hard as you can! Forever stain your pants in a creamy explosion!

And don’t forget: your cock belongs to me ♡

Suction filtered come, sounds fancy


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