A dark, stony ceiling. That’s all you could see once returning to consciousness. Your head and body ached, struggling to remember what had happened. The last thing you recall was seeing that big wave impending over your boat, but everything between that and just now waking was static in your mind. It took you minutes of rearranging scattered thoughts for you to finally realize you were naked. Did the wave manage to knock you unconscious, take your clothes, and somehow throw you into this underwater cave? It was hardly likely, yet even if it had happened, you were completely dried off. This must have been the work of a third party.

Just as that possibility had crossed your mind, you hear the sloshing of water. Upon looking over, you see the form of a woman. However, she was not of flesh, but of some other, jelly-like alien substance. As if it wasn’t enough for your memory to be shaky, you had a bizarre new creature to try and comprehend, twisting your mind. You had just stared as she crawled over to you; from what you could tell, she was pretty shapely, with buxom boobies and wide hips. Her headdress was unique, and likely signified some form of royalty, but other than that, she was as naked as you.

Amidst your gawking, you finally pieced together she must have been your rescuer. You then thanked her, unsure if she’d even know what you’re saying, and she responded with some incomprehensible garble. While thinking of a response, you were startled when she mounted you. Before you could really react, your cock was slurped up by her slimy pussy. Not realizing it, you must have gotten erect from staring at her earlier, which she took full advantage of. She held you close, pressing her gooey body against yours, and wrapping her long tongue around your human one. Starting to hump you, her pussy felt completely unlike that of a flesh girl, but still amazing in its own way.

It only took a short time, before her insides squeezed the cum out of you. Being transparent, her purple booty mixed with milky white as you pumped your load into her sludgy cunt. As you were catching your breath and still trying to comprehend what just happened, she made another

sound. Soon after, two more girls similar to her came crawling to you from different directions, while the first girl continued to ride and kiss you. Seeing the approaching girls with that same lustful look in their eyes was almost was scary as the wave; you slowly began to realize that your ‘rescuers’ may be your kidnappers.

(lillypad367 submitted the image. I went out and found the same one with a higher resolution, so this isn’t marked as a submission. Anyway, I love the idea of this one! The only reason I wouldn’t have picked it myself would be that I try to avoid showing the male’s face, for immersion purposes, and that I avoid censored images, for obvious reasons. Hope it’s great!)

“I’m not jelly, you’re jelly!”


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