On light, dark, and testing talk to type on my phone

Okay so I’ve been thinking about like how light and dark are portrayed in popular media stories video games little bit in real life baby and I’ve had some ideas about this. Seoulites always portrayed as like the good the life-giving the healing shit it is the power given from God or from the gods for good parts of the universe and the dark is just like good evil is that it’s dark it’s scary at best it’s portrayed as like the force of Destruction like you know the Black Mage and a White Mage in Final Fantasy you know what. But the White Mage gets all the healing magic and break one thing that kills off the evil monsters like the skeletons and zombies and then the Black Mage gets like fucking Fire and Ice and lightning and super fire and space Fire and Ice 9 which is a real thing I think.

So I’m looking at it from sort of a different view lately I live in a sorter Wonder it’s so hot enough place that like is of concern for months at a time how hot it gets stop wiggling text pretty much once summers ago and you have to like you can’t just keep working if you’re doing anything and like a non air-conditioned area because your body just cannot keep up with that you will burn to death outside every year I forget and hit a point where like I will just stand near blackout from heat exhaustion I’ll get kind of sick feeling I can’t think right it’s pretty bad for you he’s gotta go and sit down and not do anything for a while until your body stops killing itself with me. So from her like that point of you I can see that you know the light the day it’s like a fucking punch in the face for me and I go out and work in the shit every single day it is not like I’m not used to it but you know light and dark in the most basic thing for most of humanity is going to be you know day versus night and that’s what I’m looking at here so daytime this is big fucking ball in the sky that fucking stabs me in the eyes if I so much as glance at its general direction makes it hard to do shit it emits so much radiation that it damages my skin to the point that it just kind of gets fucked up and it is genuinely Burns hey it’s working pretty good actually space so yeah that aspect that supposed to be all nice and good is literally answering me and doing so in a fashion that I should be more concerned about it than I am. And like I work around plants and the day comes through and you know the son you would thanks good for plants but Jesus if it’s so fucking hot that it’s it’s just murdering the shit out of them like they just fade away to nothing or they get irradiated and just kind of melts I swear to God and patience they just melt it’s awful and like the ground because you know this fuckin pitch-black parking lot and some of the merchandise gets so hot they burn you if you touch it I just kind of keep gloves on hand for everything anymore and I’d like to start buying have your shoes to keep from making my toes off.

The contrast for me the darkness night time that miserable ball of pain in a radiation goes the fuck away and is replaced with the delightful moon and stars the sweltering blistering choking heat of the day finally starts to recede and it becomes bearable to exist outside of a house if it comes cool enough to wear it won’t just straight-up fucking kill you everything just kind of chilled out and goes away cuz it’s night time and it’s a lot easier to sleep without that asshole ball of radiation punching into everything and it being so hot you can barely breathe sometimes it doesn’t take away all the water so you fucking die of thirst. I know a lot of people like to be scared of the dark if you don’t know what’s out there but the place I live and I kind of you know prefer the prevailing theory of Darkness that I said they loved it. Darkness no you know it whatever I’ll fix that later people fear the night the dark because they can’t see what’s in it but they don’t think of the things that embrace it and make use of it to keep themselves alive and to hide from things that would otherwise enjoy them and I’d love it if we lived in a world where that sort of mentality wasn’t a thing but we genuinely don’t I live in a place that is so fucking ass backwards and hateful to other countries are advising people not to come here so yeah I don’t see being able to hide yourself away from the world as that bad of a thing it’s kind of comforting actually. So those two of the Lord is here to have to work so maybe this’ll make more sense to the morning and I’ll try and get it fixed up yet but I’m just going to throw it up here for shits and gigs and see what happens.


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