I just felt like there’s a lack of representation of hairy girls, so I took the courage to post this picture of my body. People night ignore this, people might hate it, or some people might praise it. I don’t really care as long as other hairy girls like myself can find comfort in seeing someone like them feeling comfortable in their own body. There’s such a beautiful thing about confidence and loving your own body. Partially thanks to this blog, I have paved a way for loving my body and myself. It has made me so much happier and confident; dare I say sexy.

Never be afraid of your own body hair. It’s beautiful, just like you are.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Hair is natural. There is nothing unfeminine about hair. About 2 years ago when I got with my partner and realised how comfortable I was with being queer around her, I just thought fuck it, stopped preening, and grew myself a snail trail. It’s fucking awesome. At first I was still shy about it but as it grew more I realised how ridiculous it was that I was shaving something off because of another persons ideal of what was and wasn’t womanly. I mean, fuck you, right?! I’ll say what is and isn’t part of my identity. I thought about shaving it off again when I went to Ibiza on holiday and then thought better off it and rocked a bikini with a snail trail. It’s been there ever since. Sometimes at work, if I stretch, my shirt rides up a bit and I’m pretty sure one or two people have seen it I have hair. You know what though? That’s cool too. It’s not prolific but it’s there. Sometimes I wish it was more prolific just to see if anyone would have the audacity to mention it to me. I’m female, I’m in a position of authority and I HAVE FUCKING BODY HAIR.


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