Colored sketch commission of LazyHydra’s Amethyst.

Vidya games > tentacles.

Her tentacled co-star had been teasing her for a solid half hour now. They had a dual stream going, one site was playing the game and their commentary, the other was showing their bodies and actions. She tried to focus on the game, wanting to be finished with it. They’d spent enough time on this stage as it was. The stream that showed fucking was taking requests in exchange for donations. They currently had him massaging her g-spot to the tempo of the ingame music. She was still going strong, but her legs were constantly tensing, and she looked a bit shaky. The stream dinged, hitting their next goal. From now on, every time she got hit He teased a nipple. Every time she staggered her opponent, he circled her clit. If she used an item, he spiraled up her waist another loop, and if she got knocked out, He did everything all at once until she got back to the fight.

There was no penalty to coming, other than the distinct difficulty spike that reaching orgasm would provide in her continued progress. After orgasm, she would have a two minute rest period, to prevent painful over-stimulation. Unless the audience reached their next goal. God she hoped they didn’t reach that goal, she was close enough as it was. She got distracted thinking about this, and ate a tail from the monster. His tentacles circled her nipples, and they grew erect. Once her character was back up, he stopped. Her nipples ached slightly, and she groaned in frustration. She asked how far along they were in the donations. He smiled. They had just crossed the another threshold. If she stopped playing and actively attempted to reach orgasm, she was penalized with sixty seconds of immobilization. No stimulation, no playing the game, no nothing. She spewed several obscenities into the mic and tried to focus.

Her whole body was shaking, and she swung between trying not to come and trying as hard as she could to come. He was devilishly good at keeping her on edge. Her chest felt tight, and her head felt cloudy. She closed her eyes and blindly mashed the attack button. A change in the music indicated that she had knocked the monster down. On cue, a tentacle started sliding back and forth across her clitoris, making her gasp. She tried to push back against it, but he held her tightly, limiting her movement. As the monster regained it’s footing, the stimulation to her clit stopped. She was neatly on edge, swinging her arms back and forth trying to get back, but to no avail. She started to come, and screamed for him to give her more. He responded that all she could have was the tentacle inside her unless something happened. A despondent jingle from the game told them that she had been rendered unconscious by the beast, and her co-star pounced. Tentacles encompassed her everything, and her brain exploded from the sudden stimulation. Her orgasm, which had threatened to leave her unsatisfied and achy, returned full blast, overwhelming all her senses. Stars filled her vision, and her entire body came aflame with ecstasy. Choking and gasping replaced her voice, and her muscles spasmed uselessly against the tentacles.

She collapsed against her co-star, sweaty and heaving for breath. He let her down to the floor, and cradled her in his appendages. Shortly after, her eyes snapped open. Arms bolted upright, game in hand, she was determined to vanquish the dire beast that had haunted her for so long. Love and satisfaction fueled her hunter’s heart, and the monster finally breathed it’s last! With a roar of excitement, she claimed her prizes from the monster’s fallen body. She placed the game aside, and rolled over onto his body. You’re turn now, spindly~<3


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