“Dare,” She said.

He didn’t think she’d do it, but he said it anyway. Through all the playful jabs, he’d practiced his tone. It was casual, with a feigned sound of a dead-pan joke. When she would inevitably gaffaw, pull away, and scold him for being gross, he could play it off like it was all a joke.

But she hesitated. She looked him in the eye and could tell that maybe it wasn’t only a joke.

“Just a lick?” she said, not looking a way, challenging him. Now the dare had been turned round against him. He nodded.

She didn’t balk. She pulled down his pants, and he sprung forward. She tried to hide it but couldn’t help but gasp, as he brushed her cheek.

“Last chance,” she said with a nervous smirk. “I won’t tell anyone how your sister beat you in truth or dare”

He didn’t say anything, but after a minute she lowered her head and licked his tip.

As his cum hit her cheek, she closed her eyes, more hittng her lips, teeth, and brow.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry..” he stammered.

She smiled. Finally, she said: “Your turn. Truth, or Dare?”

Noooo, my weakness!


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