She had been chatting with a young man halfway across the world for some time now. In the time between sleep and consciousness, she swore she could see him through the ether. Sleep evaded her as she endeavored to reach across the veil, but she could never quite get to him before passing out. A pattern formed. She would clutch her pillow, wanting desperately for the contact of another. As she drifted to sleep, she could see someone off in the distance. Limbs numb and voice silent, she could do little but watch in frustration. After five days of this, she refused sleep. On the night of the seventh day, she lay down and steeled her resolve. She intended to get through this time. She closed her eyes, and the darkness of night gave way to the light of day. She saw him through the veil, but it was different this time. The world around them was much better formed, much more detailed. They were on a beach. She reached for him, and her eyes grew wide as her arm obeyed. Her heart raced, and she called out to him. He looked back at her, his hair dancing on the sea breeze.

Their eyes met, and time stopped. They stared, neither able to believe that they were this close. She moves to him, running across the beach like a scene from a movie. She leaps into his arms, and he twirls her around. When they come to a stop, they stare into each others eyes. Hands move to each others heads, and they kiss deeply. Raw electricity flows through their bodies at such intimate contact. They continue until they are both light headed, and must break the kiss. They hug tightly, both panting for air. The cool sea breeze chills them, and they enjoy the warmth emanating from each other. They catch their breath, and allow their hands to wander. It starts off tame enough, feeling each other arms, running their fingers across the others sides. His cock hardens, and she can feel him throb against her bikini bottoms. She presses back against him, smiling as he groans quietly. She feels him jerk, and an idea comes to mind. She focused intently, and felt something subtly shift around her.

Where once had been two, now stood five. She had managed to manifest three vessels, and link his consciousness into each of them. Each could act independantly of the others, but their minds and sensations were melded together. Whatever one felt, all felt. She raked her nails down his back, and realized she had managed to include herself into the group as well. She shivered in anticipation, and pulled two of him to her. Everyone could feel what the others felt, so they moved quickly and intently. Hands covered her body, and her face was pulled gently to the side. Soft lips found hers, and she sighed contentedly. His tongue pressed breifly into her mouth, and she followed it, jousting back and forth. Countless fingers ran up and down her body, and her brain overflowed with sensation. Her top was pulled down, exposing her breasts to the men surrounding her. She grasped at two of their cocks, and began stroking. Her entire body welled up with pleasure. The other two began stroking themselves in earnest. Normally, they would like to take their time and drag the experience out, but their stimulation being magnified five-fold made them desperate for release.

Simultaneously, they reached orgasm. All at once, four cocks erupted accross her body. The sensation of the blistering hot come on her skin sent her hurtling over the edge. She jerked the cocks in her hand as if her very existance depended on it, as their hands took to her body. Some massaged her breasts, some held her tightly, one slid under her bottoms and took to her clit. words failed her, and her mind went blank. Time stood still as every fiber of their being roared alive in pure blinding sexual exstacy. After an eternity, the repeating circle of pleasure dies down, and they all gasp for breath. She fell to her knees, and the four men followed her. She rolled into one of them and hugged him tightly, smearing the result of their interaction between them. His extra vessels began melding back into him, until only the two lovers remained. The lie together in the sand, completely and utterly satisfied. She nuzzled her face into his neck, and rested. His hair smelled amazing, and she started to tear up. She didn’t want to leave him, not now. A voice popped into her head, telling her not to worry, to just enjoy the time they had. A hand moved to her cheeck, wiping away her tears. He stood up and held a hand out. She took it, and followed him to the ocean.

Request made by ho-ohhoe:


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