Nina and Andy had met each other at a mutual friends party. At some point, someone suggested playing truth or dare. Being hormonal teenagers, it didn’t take long for everyone to go for blood. Embarrassing questions were asked and answered, skin was bared, awkward poses were struck.

Andy and Nina had been flirting, targeting each other for most of the night. As the night drug on, the group of players dwindled. Some left, some fell asleep. Finally, Nina and Andy where left alone. They had gathered that neither was a virgin, but they weren’t overly experienced either. There was definitely a mutual attraction. They had been asked what their type was, and had described each other in obvious detail. It was Nina’s turn to issue a dare to Andy. She dared him set a timer for five minutes,then come into the bedroom at the end of the hallway. She slowly walked to the end of the hallway, entered the room, and pushed the door closed behind her.

Andy’s heart raced, his head felt fuzzy, his mouth became dry. He grabbed a drink, and tried to calm himself. She might well be playing a prank, she might have left, things don’t happen like this. He shook his head, trying to clear the doubt from his head. Worst case, he’d end up back home, masturbating furiously. Best case? He checked the timer. Twenty seconds left. He finished his drink and took a deep breath.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and his phone started beeping. He shut off the alarm and moved for the door. He hesitated briefly, then grasped the door knob. It opened with a click and he swung the door open. Across the room, Nina lie on the bed. She was completely nude, her pale skin illuminated by light shining through the window. She looked up as Andy entered the room, and moved her hands in front of her. She held a condom between them and said quietly, “Please…?” Andy closed the door behind him and moved toward the bed…


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