I say I wanna have sex I don’t mean I wanna get fucked and cum I mean
I wanna makeout with someone for half an hour on my couch with grabby
hands all over my body and our teeth clashing because we get so into
it that we can’t stop kissing, I mean slow desperate, needy grinding
on each other before we take it to the bed, bumping our heads,
giggling as we take our clothes off, trying to adjust and get into
the right position, I mean having someone on top of me and looking up
at them to see that blissful little grin on their face before they
scrunch it up a lil and moan because it feels sooooo good and I mean
making each other cum so good we end up all out of breath, a sweaty,
happy mess, fingers still intertwined, my legs still around their
waist, making out again, that’s what I want and it would be kinda
cool if I could have it now


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