Fiona had been shocked to discover another person in her bed when she woke from her slumber. She had been drinking last night, but she was certain she’d remember bringing someone home. Or leaving to find someone. So she was quite distressed to find a woman staring at her as she awoke. She screamed and fell backwards out of the bed. She leapt to her feat and glared at the woman, mind racing with panic. After a moment passed and she had time to take in her surroundings she realized that the woman in her bed looked almost exactly like her. In fact she looked exactly like Fiona. Her hair, her eyes, her ears, hell even her nails were done up the same as Fiona’s. They were both nude, and Fiona blushed lightly as she looked down the other woman’s body. She caught herself looking and promptly left the room. She dug a robe out of the laundry and grabbed her phone.

Deciding this was might be some sort of otherworldly shenanigans, Fiona called Alice and asked her to come over immediately. Alice was well versed in the occult and esoteric going-ons. Upon arrival, Alice had an idea of what had happened before even getting through the door. “Fiona, you’re a psychic, yes? You can manipulate the world around you through sheer force of will?” Fiona nodded. “Do you have… urges that you can’t quite satisfy sometimes?” Indignant, Fiona shouted “No! What are you even-There was some strange lady in my bed that looks like me! What’s up with that Alice?!” Alice could still smell alcohol emanating from Fiona. “Jeez lady, are you still drunk? You must be, or I wouldn’t be here having to connect the dots on the most obvious thing for you.”

“Fiona, you know that psychics can sometimes manifest images and objects in the real world, right? You’ve done it before. I know you have cause I’ve seen it.” Fiona looked away and Alice continued. “And you know that sometimes this happens in you’re sleep, right?” Fiona ran her hands through her hair. “You also know this happens more often when you are intoxicated due to the relaxing nature of alcohol and the reduction of inhibitions?” Fiona threw hear head back in frustration and said, “Jesus, just help me get rid of her!” Alice scowled back at her and said frankly, “Go fuck yourself.” Fiona glared daggers at her. If she weren’t hung over she probably could have managed actual knives. Alice fired back, “I know what’s in there, Fiona. Go. Fuck. Yourself.” Fiona shook her fists in frustration and said sternly, “I’m not some fucking pervert, I’m not fucking the esper brain clone lady in my bed. I want her gone.” Alice sighed in exasperation. “You know how this works. If you wait about a day or so she’ll vanish back into the ether. If you grow a pair and force it, she’ll be gone sooner. Or you could give into your very obvious fantasy, have the time of your life, and she’ll be gone once your satisfied. Unless you intend to waste more of my time I’m going back home. Games ain’t gonna play themselves chicklit.”

Alice left Fiona to her thoughts. The thoughts were of her dreams last night. She found herself being seduced by a mirrored version of herself. Knowing each other’s bodies inside out meant they knew exactly what would drive the other crazy. Fiona looked at the door leading to the bedroom, and felt her pulse quicken. She stepped up to the door. Hand shaking, she opened the door and entered the room. The woman, the product of her overactive subconscious was relaxing calmly on the bed. She looked at Fiona as she entered the room. Wordlessly, Fiona walked to her bed. There was a pause, and she removed her robe. It fell to the floor in a puddle around her, and she climbed into bed. She tried to read her manifestations thoughts, and the end result was a bit like putting a mirror up to another mirror. She shook her head, and moved to the other woman. Fiona asked her, “Are… are you okay with this?”
The other woman nodded. Fiona continued, “What should I call you then?” “Fi,” she replied.

Fi moved the blanket aside, inviting Fiona to come closer. Fiona shamelessly eyed Fi, stopping at her waist. Where Fiona had a neatly shaven twat, Fi had a throbbing veiny cock. It looked as though it might burst, and Fiona wondered if it was painful. She reached for it, and upon contact was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath from Fi. She’d had sex where she got enormous stimulation just from manipulating her partner, but this was different. When she touched Fi’s cock it was as if she could feel her own erogenous zones being touched. She ran a hand up and down Fi’s hardness, feeling the skin slide up and down with her movements. Her own clitoris throbbed when she flicked a finger across the underside. She ran a hand between her legs to check her arousal. Confident she was ready, Fiona lay back and beckoned Fi towards her. Fi climbed between Fiona’s legs and positioned her cock at Fiona’s entrance. She ran the length of her cock back and forth across Fiona’s slit, eliciting a guttural groan from her. Fi took her cock by the base and slowly slid it into the other woman. Willpower failed Fiona, and she couldn’t resist driving her hips upwards. Both women gasped aloud as their hips slammed together.

They began fucking in earnest, Fi withdrawing until just the head remained and then driving back in to the hilt. Fiona met each thrust in kind, and the room filled with the sound of sex. Fiona felt her orgasm rapidly approaching and redoubled her efforts. As she peaked, she pulled Fi’s mouth to her own, and kissed the woman deeply. Her tongue voraciously probed the other woman’s mouth. Their lips mashed together, hot and sticky. She tasted faintly of alcohol. Fi’s cock swelled within Fiona, and she threw her legs around Fi’s waist, pushing her in as far as she could. Fiona grunted loudly, and came hard inside of Fiona. They entered into a feedback loop, one’s arousal fueling the other. The finally came down, and Fi collapsed atop Fiona. After their breathing steadied, Fi moved to withdraw from Fiona. Fiona followed her up, embracing her for another kiss. As they kissed, Fi began to fade. She dissolved back into the ether, leaving Fiona to observe the aftermath of their coupling. She stood up shakily and said aloud, “I need a shower.”


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