Jean had traveled out into the forest in search of rare flora. The village was hidden away in the forest, and many undocumented plants and animals waited in the forest to be discovered. Following the trail brought him to the furthest reaches of the forest that had been mapped. A nearby river coaxed Jean into taking a break. While eating, he decided to follow the river, as it would give him an easy landmark to return by if he got lost or tired. Double checking his equipment, set off to explore.

An hour in, Jean saw something shiny off in the distance. As he approached, he realized that the shine was from two slime girls. They were lying face down in the dirt. They looked like they had been trying to reach the river and had collapsed. Jean ran up to them and tried to rouse the two girls. They groaned, and Jean offered his canteen to the nearest one. He held her head and tilted the canteen up, allowing her to drink. The canteen ran dry, but she was still thirsty. The drink revived her enough to allow movement. She turned to her rescuer, and asked him to help the other girl to the water. Jean lifted the other girl, and they moved to the river.

The slime girl who had already drank stepped into the river. She sighed aloud, sounding contented. Her body rounded out, her pigtails elongated, and her color became much more vibrant blue. Jean followed her into the water, holding the other girl against the flow of the river. She was affected similarly, and after a moment she opened her eyes.

“Anghared, what happened?”

“This human saved us, Josephine.”

Josephine moved to stand, and Jean let her down. When she stood up, her hair reached almost to her feet, shiny and green in the sunlight. She turned to Jean, and spoke.

“Thank you, kind human, for helping my friend and I. Might we ask your name?”

“I am Jean. I was following the river when I saw the two of you passed out near the river.”

Anghared pointed to his waist. “Oh dear, your bag is getting wet!”

Jean looked down and saw that his bag was submerged in the river. He lifted it out of the water and allowed the water to run out of it.

“That’s okay, most of my things shouldn’t be hurt by water. My clothes are quite drenched though. If you two are okay, I’m going to find a spot to dry off.”

Jean stepped out of the water and found a spot he could lay out. He laid back and closed his eyes, enjoying the calm that the earlier excitement gave way to. Shortly after, her heard footsteps. He opened his eyes to see Josephine and Anghared sitting near him. Anghared spoke.

“Jean, I’m sorry you got wet helping us. If your okay with it, We’d like to help you pass the time until your clothes dry.”

She moved closer to Jean and placed a hand on his. She pulled him up and Josephine moved behind him. Josephine moved her hands under his shirt, and pulled it up over his head. Anghared let Jean lay back into Josephine, and ran her hands down his chest. Jean shivered at the tickling sensation flowing through his body. She reached his waist, and pushed his pants down to his ankles. His hardness popped out from his waistband and Anghared smiled. Jean’s stared at Anghared’s body, wide-eyed and slack-jawed. His dick twitched a few times involuntarily.

Josephine asked him, “You are quite young Jean, have you ever been with a woman?”
Jean shook his head, and swallowed hard. Anghared placed the head of his dick at her gelatinous mound, and said to him “We’ll fix that.” She slowly lowered herself onto him, burying him to the hilt inside of her. Jean gasped aloud and closed his eyes. Anghared grabbed his arms and pulled them over his head. “No looking away Jean, you should take this all in.” She lifted herself, leaving the tip of his cock barely inside her, then slowly sunk back down again. She felt Jean’s cock jerk inside her, relishing the sensation of him stretching her out. “You can only get a view like this with a slime girl Jean, You can see yourself all the way inside me!”

Anghared increased the speed and vigor of her motions, endeavoring to bring the young man squirming beneath her to his first climax. She didn’t have to wait long. His entire body tensed, and his cock bucked like a wild animal. “Don’t look away Jean, watch your seed blast into me!” He looked at her stomach as he came, marveling at his semen swirling around in her body. Anghared came just as Jean did, her flesh pulsing and swirling around him. Anghared melted into Jean, holding her lover tightly. Josephine stroked their hair tenderly, amazed at the show she had just witnessed.

Jean’s clothes finally dried enough to be comfortable, and he prepared to head back home. He moved to bid Josephine and Anghared farewell, and Anghared pulled him in for an intense kiss. She handed him a small stone and said to him “Hold this before you if you should ever wish to visit us again, my dear.” The two girls then walked off into the forest, disappearing into the trees. Jean carefully placed the stone into his bag and started home.


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