Your doctor said to skip your meds for a day and you might be able to come again? Oh, you didn’t take them last night? Okay, I’m game. What should we do? Can I change first? I promise you’ll like it. Oh, you’re already hard. Oh wow, it’s already leaking. I like how it feels, it’s soft and hard at the same time. Does it feel better than before? I still think it’s kinda weird how the skin is like, loose on it. And you can just move it up and down like that. I don’t have anything like that on me. Oooh, you want me to do the thing? What did you call it, the endless tunnel? Let me get some lube. I can keep doing that? Okay. Did you want me to stop of keep going? Keep going, got it. Are you close? Do I need to do anything else? Oh god it makes such a funny no-HOLY FUCK, WHAT? WHAT!? WHAT! Oh goddamn, it almost hit my face. How-hold on lemme get the tape measure. Holy shit, you came almost three feet straight up in the air. Even knowing you haven’t in forever I still feel kinda like my hands are fucking magic now. Oh wow, you’re still hard. You might be harder. Can I have it? Come actually makes a crappy lube, but I still like it, sexual connotations and all. Oh, that’s nice. What do you want babe? Whatever I like? I wanna slowly pull my top up and grind into you. Does it feel good? Do you think you can again? Ah, ah, ah, oh god, go, please. Uuuungh, It feels good! Ah!? Do that again! It feels so big when you do that! I think I can feel your come, damn you are backed up babe. Okay, I think I’m done. What about you, do you need more attention? Oh yeah, cuddles sound awesome. Lemme grab a towel first *smooch*


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