I like everything about this photo. It’s a cold snowy day so they stay holed up inside. They decide they wanna do it, and it looks like they move quickly. The condom wasn’t separated from the roll, and the roll wasn’t put away. Their pants got tossed just behind them. They didn’t undress all the way, maybe cause it’s cold? Maybe they wanna be able to move more freely if they hug tightly? Both? Her panties hanging off her ankle. They’re not crushing each other, they’re holding each other. Look at her face, she’s so lost in the moment. The little bit of sweat starting to bead up on them. If you look closely the bed is wet just behind them too. They might not even be moving, just holding each other tightly, the subtle motions of their breathing being enough to stimulate them. Maybe their just pressing into each other, never even separating. This isn’t fucking, this isn’t sex, this is making love.


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