Months and months of research and inquisition had lead to this moment. Atiya studied the diagram, making sure she transcribed the letters and symbols accurately. She stopped before finishing the last word to prepare herself. Her dreams had lead Atiya to seek out knowledge from beyond the circle. She could see each moment leading up to this, but after that all she saw was a distant light. Time after time she found herself standing here, but never before had she been so anxious. She marked the final punctuation and stood back. 

The circle began glowing red. The esoteric letters slowly took to the air. Previous summons had been loud and boisterous. Some came with crackling electricity, some with roaring flames. This time however, there was calm. A dark light emanated from the center of the circle, and something bloomed forth from it. Several long appendages unfurled, reaching the end of the circle and curling up the invisible barrier a bit. Atiya’s heart pounded in her chest. She could feel… anxiety coming from the being that now sat before her.

“Demon! I am Atiya! For months I have been plagued with visions of this day! Every waking moment has been spent in preparation. Every sleeping thought has been occupied with it!”

Atiya was breathing heavily now. Her eyes grew wide as she felt something speak directly to her mind.

“Human, I too have been plagued with visions of the future. I know full well the inability to focus on anything but the search for what happens next in thoughts that I have no control over. Tell me human, do you know what happens next?”

Atiya shook her head slowly. She sat down at the edge of the circle.

“All I know is that for six months I have wanted to see what lay on the other side of this circle. And I can feel that you feel the same as I do. Lonely. Excited. Apprehensive.”

She placed a shaking hand on the nearest appendage, feeling a rush of emotions through it. After a moment the tentacle curled its way through her fingers, squeezing them tightly.

“Human, Atiya… It is clear now that what I have been searching for for so long is you. Now that we are here, I am unsure of what to do.”

“Well demon, it is customary for the summoner to make a request.”

She paused, and swallowed hard.

“I ask that you do as you please. In exchange, I shall do this.”

Atiya slid into the circle and waited for a response.

“Do as I please? You are sure of this?”

She nodded. Two of the demons tentacles moved to her feet, and began winding their way up her legs. They moved slowly, gently massaging her body along the way. Atiya sighed in delight at the sensation of physical contact with another after so long. She spread her legs and lifted her dress, inviting the demon to explore the rest of her body. More appendages sprung forth, working their way across her entire body. Some ran up and down her hips, some tickled the inside of her thighs, several of them gathered together and nuzzled her neck. She gasped as one of them began sucking at her neck. She wrapped her arms around the larger group of tentacles that lay across her chest and hugged them tightly. The tentacles made a circle around her neck, and worked their way down the length of her body all the way down to her toes. The then retreated into the center of the circle, revealing a single curving phallus. a tentacle grasped both of Atiya’s legs, spreading them apart. She moved her hips forward, anticipating their coupling. As the phallus moved to her labia, she placed a hand over her mound.

“Before we do this, might I ask your name?”

A tentacle moved towards her ear, and whispered to her. She removed her hand and he entered her. She gasped aloud at the sensation. It was as if their bodies were made for each other. She felt the emotions thundering through the demon’s very soul, and she came viciously. She threw her head back, unable to speak for the raw pleasure pulsing through her body. More tentacles came up to support her, grasping her wrists and wrapping around her waist. They lifted her into the air. The tentacle inside her wriggled and pulsed as if it’s very life depended on it. She clamped down hard on him, and felt an explosion of warmth inside her. They came together, their minds caught in a feedback loop from the others racing emotions. Finally Atiya managed to find her voice, and screamed the name of the one who brought her such ecstasy.


The tentacles movements slowed, gradually coming to a stop. Nthanda placed Atiya gently on the ground and withdrew himself from her. She lie exhasted, but glowing with satisfaction. They been brought together by fate. Each could tell what the other was thinking. Atiya spoke.

“If I may make one more request of you Nthanda, I would like to be held by one who’s presence alone brings me happiness. In return I shall offer you the same.”

She felt the tentacles flow gently around her body. They curved around her, holding her tightly. And they wept together, shedding tears of joy.

The Picture is In the Circle by InCase


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