Julie had started some medication recently on advice of her doctor. It worked wonderfully, allowing her to function properly for the first time in ages. Unfortunately it had some side effects. She couldn’t come no matter how hard she tried. She never had trouble with this before. If anything she usually came way too quick for her liking, this was new. She told Lily about it, and they began researching what to do about it. They could try switching meds, try other meds on top of the current load, they had options. Julie sighed in exasperation and cuddled up to Lily. She slid a hand up Lily’s chest, coming to rest on her ample bust. Lily felt her get hard, and responded in kind by tenting her skirt. Julie moved her hand under Lily’s shirt and palmed her girlfriends large breasts. She felt Lily’s nipple harden and her mouth started watering. Lily had an idea.

She had purchased a cock sleeve with two openings, allowing them to both use it at the same time. Lily discarded her skirt and underwear, and instructed Julie to do the same. She made a show of bending over to get the sleeve and lube from the drawer it was kept in. Julie could have pounced on her like a hungry animal but held herself back, knowing her girlfriend would reward her patience. Lily presented the sleeve and lube with a bounce, knowing full well the effect her bouncing breasts would have on Julie. She had intended it to be a surprise birthday present, but now seemed like a much better time. Lily began lubing the sleeve, squishing it together and rolling it against itself, ensuring the inside was completely coated. Julie swallowed hard. Lily moved to her girlfriend, and placed the sleeve at her tip. She moved into place on the other side and looked into Julie’s eyes.

They stood still just a bit to allow the anticipation to build. Julie looked down and moved first, pressing her head into the sleeve. She groaned in pleasure as the edge of her glans popped past the opening. Lily loosened her grip on the sleeve, allowing Julie’s penetration to push the slick fuck sleeve onto her own cock. Julie bit her lip and closed her eyes, gasping as her cock made contact with Lily’s. She felt precome spurt from her cock, and exhaled roughly. Lily moved her hips, and managed to get her cock past Julie’s, allowing them both to bottom out in the sleeve. Lily took Julie’s hand in one hand and grabbed her ass with the other. They began fucking the sleeve and each other in earnest. Lily pressed her chest to Julie’s, feeling her nipples standing out from her flat chest. They both ran wet with sweat,  their hair sticking to their cheeks and foreheads. Lily told her she was close, and Julie told her to come. Lily angled her cock on top of Julies, trying to get her cock head to scrape the underside of her cock. Once there it only takes her a few more strokes before her cock explodes. She grips Julie’s hand hard, and digs her nails into her ass. Julie feels her girlfriends cock swell, and then spray hot come all over her own cock. Lily grunts, shooting another thick rivulet of come. This one sprays out the end of the sleeve, splattering onto Julies pubic mound. The intensity of the motion coupled with this finally send Julie hurtling over the edge, and she too erupts. She grunts and groans and screeches, her entire body convulsing in orgasm.

The room was silent save for their panting. Lily wrapped her arms around the shorter woman’s shoulders, pulling her in for a hug. She kissed the top of Julie’s head, savoring the scent of her shampoo. They withdrew from the sleeve, both girls hips splayed with the others come. Julie collapsed on the bed exhausted, while Lily grabbed a towel. She tended to her exhausted mate and herself, then climbed in bed with her. They curled up together, and they slept.


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