He brought drinks home with him, wanting to make the most of his next two days off. She gladly partook, knowing that it wouldn’t take much to get either of them drunk. They both had a drink before eating, wanting the alcohol to hit quickly. They continued to drink through dinner, watching silly stuff on youtube and enjoying each other’s proximity on the couch. They started listening to music, drunkenly following along, when she announced a craving for dance music. He jokingly suggested a cock hero video, and that she could grind on him to the beat. Her cheeks, flush from alcohol, grew slightly deeper red as the suggestion sunk in. She told him to find one and dug out their headphones and splitter. He picked one and gave the phone back to her. He kicked his pants away and she pulled her shirt off, stretching backwards to show off her tits. They donned their headphones and she straddled his waist. The music started off slow and base-y, and she followed suit. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him, enjoying his body heat and getting lost in the music. She ground against his bare cock and threw her head back in time with the music. They closed their eyes and allowed their minds to cloud over. He wanted to just sit back and enjoy himself, but couldn’t stand to keep his hands off of her. His hand roamed up and down her bare skin. He pressed firmly in some spots, and lightly drug his nails across others. She shivered and groaned at the sensation, bearing down harder on his hard cock. The music waned and clarity came to both of them.

They opened their eyes and looked at each other. They were both flushed and red, both sweaty and sticky. She pulled his head to hers for a kiss. He tasted salty. She kissed him harder, sucking lightly on his lower lip. He exhaled. It tasted of fruit and alcohol. He groaned into her. She couldn’t hear it so much as feel it, and she took the opportunity to press her tongue into his mouth. His hands went to her waist and dipped into her panties. He took her ass in both hands and started pressing her body into his in time with the next track. She reached between them and snaked his cock through the back of her panties, trapping it between her ass cheeks. The music steadily gained in tempo and intensity. She began bouncing up and down to the tempo, enjoying his hardness scraping back and forth. She felt his precome start to flow and redoubled her efforts. The music peaked and they began panting from the exertion. her panties kept his erection clasped neatly between her cheeks while also stimulating his most sensitive spot. He was getting close when she collapsed atop him, unable to continue any further. He grabbed her hips and began grinding her intently against his waist. A drowsy moan told him he was hitting the right spots, and he continued. He kept up a steady rhythm, slowly increasing in intensity as he approached orgasm. She started moving against him again, the promise of sexual climax urging her along. Each press of their bodies together brought them closer and closer. They finally climaxed, pressing together as if they meant to meld together into a single being. Her legs shudder and shake, and her pussy drenches her panties. His cock erupts, and his come blasted up her back and panties. They held each other, eyes closed, brains on fire from the stimulation. He moves to lay down on the couch and pulls her with him. Their hearts are beating out of their chests, and they were both out of breath. Eventually their breathing syncs up and they can lay together comfortably. She nuzzles her head into his neck, drowning in his scent. The alcohol and fatigue quickly put them to sleep, both enjoying dreams of fantastical music and intimate contact with their mates


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