Where’s the condom? Right here, full of your milky white come. I agreed to use a condom tonight. A. Condom. And someone decided to finish early. And you aren’t supposed to keep going once their full, they could leak. We’re fluid bonded anyway, so we don’t have to worry about disease, you just don’t wanna get me pregnant. In that case, you just need to not come in me dear. I’d be okay with it, you know. We don’t hurt for money, we’re happy here. We have room. We have friends and family living nearby, we’d have all the help we need. No better time really. I need to stop? Absolutely not. I’m behind by one already, if anything I should speed up. I think I will in fact. If you don’t wanna come, think about something else. Do multiplication tables to take you mind off my raw pussy sliding up and down your bare cock. You know, if we did it raw more often you’d probably have an easier time handling the sensation. The heat, the texture, feels much better than fucking a latex sleeve, huh? If you came while I was grinding my clit against your crotch It’d pretty much have nowhere else to go, huh? Oh god, I’m so close, hold out just a little longer baby. Oh, oh, oh, OH! Your dick pulsing is making me come! GRRAAAAHH! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! YES, YES, YES, YES GET ME PREGNANT! GODDAMMIT IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! *pant* *pant* well, you went and did it now babe. Guess we get to wait and see if my period comes next month. It’ll be like when we first started going out all over again. Here, roll over on top of me, I want to be enveloped by you, inside and out.


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