You know that even if I make it look like that you can’t actually get me pregnant, right? Also that’s not even how it works. Yeah, I didn’t think you actually wanted to, but I wasn’t sure. Ahh~~~~<3 this feels lovely… how you holding up love? Don’t close your eyes, the whole point of me doing this is the visual you get, right? You don’t wanna come yet? Why not? I have to take a very specific set of meds to even attempt to reproduce sexually, you can’t possibly get me pregnant lov~~~ahh!~<3 Oh dear slime goddess your come feels go~od! Oh, shoot it deep inside me! Ah, I’m coming too love, I’m coming! I can feel you get bigger every time you shoot, can you feel me squeezing back? How was that? Everything you hoped for? Oh shit, I came so hard I melted a little! We might be good at this *giggle* Im’ma melt all over you and cuddle now, ‘kay? I love you too sweetie, mwaah~~<3


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